The Times: They are a Changin’!


I remember as a small boy growing up in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan the many times I would put on my skates at our house on 42nd Street and literally skate down the road to the local outdoor rink. You can imagine that, by the time I got to the rink, my edges on my skates would be toast but I never really paid much attention.

We all went to Hunters Sports Shop on Main Street (Meridian) and got our skates sharpened. I never asked them what hollow grind they applied to my skates and I never knew about profiling, either. We would sometimes get our skates “rockered” as the term was known, but as far as I and many of my hockey mates were concerned, we either knew our skate blades were sharp or too sharp.

I played Bantam and Midget AAA in my days and it wasn’t until I was in my thirties that I knew that there were multiple hollows and profiles that could be applied to my skate blades. Times are—indeed—changing. And, they have changed.

There are a half-dozen reputable companies that manufacture profiling systems and machines. As a result, there are literally dozens of profiles that can be applied to your blade runners. It is important for every skater to understand this and find the best profile and hollow to suit their needs and their game.


At Snipers Skate Sharpening, we use the Blademaster Mark VI CRM or Custom Radius System to do our customers ( and our own ) profiling; it works very well and I have used several different systems in the past such as the CAG One Profiler and was in attendance at a Prosharp Demonstration over this past summer. I tried their Quad, the 10 foot, the M-Zuperior 11 foot and the13 foot. The Prosharp M-Zuperior ( which I liked ) is very similar to the 11 foot radius at + 2 that I presently use on my skates. I experimented with my own skates and tried 5 or 6 different profiles, skated on them, changed the hollow grind and finally came up with my personal choice: an 11 foot radius at +2 and a 7/8ths hollow; I bet I was skating on a 1/2 most of my playing career.

Every Manufacturers skate has a stock radius or profile on their proprietary blade runners. Come on in and See David Carlson at his shop to discuss your skating needs. Thank you and enjoy this Season of Hockey and Ringette.

If you are a Proshop owner and/or a Skate Tech, be sure to check out my Group: Skate Sharpening University on Facebook.


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