Who does a good job sharpening skates?


When you take your skates to get them sharpened, here is what to look for:

  • When you say you want a 1/2” radius on your blades, does the attendant/skate tech look at you with a blank stare? You should know what radius works for you. However, as I tell my clients, it will depend on several factors: ice temperature and conditions, skill level, player assignment, weight and personal preference. At Snipers we can do over 24 different hollow grinds or radius of hollow grinds and we can Profile your skates using 16 different contours for forwards and D-Men.
  • Does the skate tech rush through the sharpening process or does he/she take their time? At Snipers, you can be assured we never rush and take the necessary time and care to get it right the first time. Remember, if you do not know the particular radius that works for you…

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