Snipers Updates: September 2015


Well, we are back in action. And we are glad to be back. Once again, I want to thank my wonderful customers/friends for their support.

We have a New Website loaded with lots of great information and reviews. Take a look when you have time

Recently, I started a new Facebook Closed Group: Skate Sharpening University. We have 109 members as of today and many of our Faculty Members have NHL and Elite Hockey Experience. We share tips and ideas and information that will make us better at what we do. Skate Sharpening is very technical, nowadays. For example, there are over 20 different hollow grinds and 40 different skate profiles that can be applied to your skates. Every skater is different and requires their own specific sharpening and profile.

I met with Mikko Kuparinen and Shayne Toporowski at the Terwilligar Recreation Centre in Edmonton and they showed me their awesome profiling system. Maybe, in the future, we will introduce it to our customers.

We lost our precious Mother on July 14th of this year ( 2015) and I miss her very much; Mom was truly my best friend and greatest, moral supporter.

Remember, you will only have one or two really good friends that you can depend on. Treat them like they are worth their weight in gold. Cheers, for now.


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