Wednesday Drill of the Week: D to D 1v1

Coach Chris Hall

1v1 Wide D

This week’s drill is a shooting drill into a full ice 1v1. It is run out of both ends simultaneously. The drill starts with the Forward passing the puck from the goal line to a Defenseman waiting at the blue line. A second D is waiting in the middle of the ice. The puck moves D to D while the F comes up around the circle into the mid slot area. The mid-D walks the puck while the board D sprints to the middle. The puck moves D to D again for a shot with the F in front for a tip or screen. Coach in the corner then gives a puck to the F who attacks the D who started in the middle of the ice. This is a full ice 1v1 that is played out until a whistle. On the whistle, the next group goes.

Forwards work on…

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Wednesday Drill of the Week: 3 Shot Tip

Coach Chris Hall

3 Shot Tip

A half ice skill drill for forwards and defensemen. The drill starts with forwards in each corner with pucks (Black lines). D are at the strong side point and the center point. X1 makes a pass to the strong side D, the center D widens and the puck moves D to D. X1 then rolls up the wall and times his approach through the slot so when D2 shoots the puck, he is in the slot area for a moving tip. D2 is shooting for a stick. X1 then goes into the far corner and retrieves a second puck (green lines). D2 is now at the strong point, D1 is at the center point. Puck moves down low, D1 widens and puck moves D to D. X1 rolls through the slot for a second tip. X1 then stays at the net front while a puck goes from X2 to D1…

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