Wednesday Drill of the Week: UNH 1-2-3

Coach Chris Hall

UNH 1-2-3

A 6 person shooting drill. X1 and X2 take off, exchanging a puck to the far blue line. At the far blue, the puck needs to be with X1. X1 drives down the wall and cuts back. X2 loops through the middle of the ice and heads down to the other end to receive a pass from X1. Meanwhile, X3 has skated up to the redline and looped back in to take a long shot from center. X3 then goes in to the corner to pick up a puck. After X1 passes to X2, X1 high rolls around the top of the circle and receives a pass mid-slot from X3.

There are a number of timing elements in this drill that require proper execution for it to flow right. All six players need to be moving with speed and intensity, sprinting to spots to make sure the passes and the…

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The Mark of a Good Team

Coach Chris Hall

There are two ways to win a hockey game – taking advantage of mistakes and taking what is given to you, or imposing your will and dictating the outcome. Both ways work and both are effective, but to be a successful team you have to be able to do both. Beating average or below-average teams requires you to be able to take advantage of mistakes. A good team will make you have to fight for every inch of ice and make you work to impose your will.

Often, you can play a sound structural game, make good decisions and score a few goals – this is a general philosophy for winning hockey games. If you capitalize on your opportunities and have fewer unforced errors than the other team, you will generally win the game.

Against high end teams, this isn’t enough. Making good decisions and playing sound structurally isn’t good…

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