And the Winner, Is…?


You…of, Course!

Many people do not know that David of Snipers Skate Shop/Sharpening @ The Stu Barnes Arena in Spruce Grove, Alberta has ten years of solid, practical experience as a Skate Tech and Manager. He was trained by Blademaster—the Industry Experts—and sharpened the skates of the Chinese National/Olympic Women’s hockey Team back in 2008. Currently, David sharpens several of the Champion Junior A Saints skates before games: Parker MacKay, Jake Mykitiuk, Austin Hunter, Cole Nicholson, Brett Zarowny, Connor James, Connor Lukan, Tyler Busch and others from time to time.

We believe that we offer unparalled and skilled skate sharpening and we could charge more for our sharpening but we purposely keep our rates at a reasonable and competitive rate; we understand that having your kids in Ringette and Hockey is quite expensive: two-hundred dollar hockey sticks, five-hundred dollars skates, travel, accommodation and your time.

We want to be the best and we strive to achieve that each and every day.

We very much appreciate the support we have received from Spruce Grove and surrounding area and we plan on being around for quite some time to come.

The next time you are in Spruce Grove, look us up at the Agrena off King Street and Agrena Road. Look for the 9 story Condo. We would be very happy to see you.

Did You Know…?

Snipers does custom profiling? bauer-180-skate

We recommend that you get your skates profiled every two months for optimal performance. Ask us Why?



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