And the Winner, Is…?


You…of, Course!

Many people do not know that David of Snipers Skate Shop/Sharpening @ The Stu Barnes Arena in Spruce Grove, Alberta has ten years of solid, practical experience as a Skate Tech and Manager. He was trained by Blademaster—the Industry Experts—and sharpened the skates of the Chinese National/Olympic Women’s hockey Team back in 2008. Currently, David sharpens several of the Champion Junior A Saints skates before games: Parker MacKay, Jake Mykitiuk, Austin Hunter, Cole Nicholson, Brett Zarowny, Connor James, Connor Lukan, Tyler Busch and others from time to time.

We believe that we offer unparalled and skilled skate sharpening and we could charge more for our sharpening but we purposely keep our rates at a reasonable and competitive rate; we understand that having your kids in Ringette and Hockey is quite expensive: two-hundred dollar hockey sticks, five-hundred dollars skates, travel, accommodation and your time.

We want to be the best and we strive to achieve that each and every day.

We very much appreciate the support we have received from Spruce Grove and surrounding area and we plan on being around for quite some time to come.

The next time you are in Spruce Grove, look us up at the Agrena off King Street and Agrena Road. Look for the 9 story Condo. We would be very happy to see you.

Did You Know…?

Snipers does custom profiling? bauer-180-skate

We recommend that you get your skates profiled every two months for optimal performance. Ask us Why?



Wednesday Drill of the Week: D Agility

Coach Chris Hall

D Agility

Two defenseman skill drills this week. The first one is on the bottom with the shot, the second one is on the top.

First drill is a simple shooting agility drill. Place a barrier directly in front of a defenseman. Place a puck in front of the barrier. The D has to skate forward, pick up the puck and move to either side of the barrier before releasing a shot. Simple fake and pull to either side. This simulates walking a potential shot blocker and finding a lane to deliver the puck to the net.

The second drill is a D breakout agility course. This can be done a variety of ways in a variety of patterns. The one I diagrammed starts with a D at the top of the crease facing up ice. The straight black lines simulate barriers (or some other flat boundry) while the circles are tires…

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Wednesday Drill of the Week: Jackson Conditioning

Coach Chris Hall

Jackson Conditioning

This week: A skill drill that includes a conditioning element. The drill starts with X1 and X2 sprinting to the far blueline and stopping, then sprinting the other way. Coach passes to X1, who drives and shoots far pad. X2 crashes for a rebound. After the rebound play, a coach passes the puck to X2 who has popped into soft spot for a catch and shoot. Coach then leaves a puck behind the net for X1 to pick up, cut back and then wrap to the far side. After the wrap, both X’s sprint back to lines.

This drill involves a number of skills and skating agility pieces and also adds some conditioning for your team. A fun way to get some skill and skating work in at the end of practice. Also good for the goalies, as they have an opportunity to play a far pad rebound, a catch…

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Drills for Defensemen

Coach Nielsen's Ice Hockey Drills

While looking at the stats for views on the site, I noticed a lot of action every day in the Defensemen section. To give you more choices, I’ve added 16 new drills, that my defensive coach runs throughout the season when we split up by group. Hopefully you find these useful in building the skills of your defensemen.

Defenseman Shooting Sequence
D Lateral Skate With Shot
D Puck Movement
D Rim Pass Shoot
Full Circle Pivot With Pass
Swedish Shooting
Puck Protection
Off The Wall Dump
Lewis D2D Support
Horseshoe Skating

Breakout Simulation Drills

Right Up
Quick Up Option
D Over
Breakout Simulation


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