Why you need to get your skates profiled or rockered.


bauerHi, Again. It has been awhile since I posted anything new, but I have been very busy with other events and responsibilities, lately.

So, why is it important to have your skates profiled or “re-rockered”? Over time, the contour or shape of your skate blade runner will become altered. The reason for this is generally due to the number of sharpenings you receive every year and the technique of the skate technician. After a certain number of skate sharpenings ( sometimes your skate blade runner will be altered after one sharpening if the person sharpening them is not doing it properly), you should check how much of the blade is in contact with the ice. I do this with a flat surface such as the top of my sharpening machine and a flashlight. By shining the light against the bottom of the blade, I can get a fair and…

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