Wednesday Drill of the Week: Hobart 2v1 w/Cycle

Coach Chris Hall

Hobart 2v1 w Cycle

A multi-part offensive zone skill drill that ends with a 2v1 rush.

Everyone goes out of the same corner, but for simplicity in diagramming I split the drill into top and bottom (in the left side of the rink). F are all in one corner, D at the blue line. F1 pass to D, receive a pass back while accelerating up around the circle. Take a shot on net and stop at the net. F2 pass to the D, get it back, D walk the line and receive a second pass from F2 and take a shot. F2 then receives a 3rd puck from F3 for a 3rd shot.

After the three shots off the circle, F1 and F2 get wide and receive a pass from F3. D gaps and plays F1 and F2 attacking on a 2v1 down ice.

The drill goes out of both ends at the same…

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Fitness Combine Testing Scores: The Most Overrated Stat in Hockey

When in Doubt, Glass and Out

Much ado has recently been made over top-rated NHL prospect Sam Bennett (OHL’s Kingston Frontenacs star forward) and his failure to complete a chin-up at the 2014 NHL Draft Combine. Some people shake their head and say: “Oh, he’s not going to be able to play in the NHL. Too weak. You gotta be big and strong to play with the big boys.” I’ve also heard: “What an embarrassment. The kid is so cocky he doesn’t even train. I wouldn’t want a lazy kid with no drive on my team.”

Does Bennett deserve the criticism for failing to do a chin-up? The answer is an emphatic NO.

There are two main reasons why Sam Bennett not being able to a chin-up should have no effect whatsoever on what slot he gets drafted in and the rest of his career:

1.  The Potential for Improvement

A 17-year-old kid, who dominated one…

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