Wednesday Drill of the Week: Agility Shooting

Good Drill.

Coach Chris Hall

A simple half ice shooting drill that is good for goalies and for shooters.

Agility Shooting

Players are at all three spots with pucks. All three go on the whistle. X1 attacks along the goal line and tries to shoot or stuff short side. x2 skates to the dot, escapes and then attacks hard through the seam along the circle. X3 skates along the blue line, does an acceleration turn around the far dot, a tight turn around the near dot and then takes a long shot from the top of the circles. Players then switch lines after shooting.

Each player has a slightly different shooting situation that they are simulating and should play it accordingly. X1 needs to attack the net, protecting the puck towards the goal line. X2 needs to accelerate hard through the seam, shooting with their feet moving. X3 needs to work on attacking wide and getting a…

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