Don’t Be That Guy: 7 Attributes of Bad Minor Hockey Coaches

When in Doubt, Glass and Out

I recently wrote an article entitled, “10 Reasons Why I Would Never Coach Minor Hockey” that was posted on my blog site,  People had been asking me for years why I don’t coach minor hockey, so I figured I might as well map out my reasons.  Not long after I posted the article, it went viral and the comments began flooding in from around the world.  Most people got a chuckle out of it and could relate to experiencing the minority of gongshow parents that were outlined in the article, while some people were downright angry, stating that I was biased towards parents and was letting bad coaches off the hook.  After reading some of these comments, I figured I owed it to my endearing critics to flip the coin and talk about the fact that there are some bad minor hockey coaches out there and that maybe…

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